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Topic: Damage score and damage dice

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  • Damage score and damage dice

    Hi! New reader here and I am a bit confused by the difference between damage score and damage dice, expecially when they are used in the Capacity description.
    For example: the "sear" description says "Add 1 to the result of each die you roll for your damage score, for the duration of the combat. (Note: if you have multiple items with sear, you can still only add 1 to the result.)" So, if I roll a "damage die" with backfire, I don't apply the sear bonus, since that only applies to damage score, right? Pretty sure I read on these forum the contrary, but I believe that is incorrect...
    Another question is about the necromancer's Shades ability: "At the start of combat, you automatically summon a group of shades to aid you. The shades add 2 to each die of damage you roll, for the duration of the combat." This "dice of damage" comprehends the roll for damage score? If not and they apply only to damage die provided by other Abilities (like backfire) Shades becomes pretty useless, since it requires other abilities to work...

    EDIT: I realized I should have posted this in the Rules section...

  • Re: Damage score and damage dice

    Hi Firebead

    To answer your questions:

    Yes, sear only adds 1 to dice to your roll for a damage score. So those are rolls where you add your brawn or magic.

    To be explicit:

    Damage score- when you roll dice and add your brawn/magic
    Damage dice - you use an ability to roll dice (like cleave)

    Shades ability - adds 2 to EVERY dice you roll, whether that is damage score or damage dice.

    Hope this clears up confusion and you enjoy the book/s!

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