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Topic: Charm Gear

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  • Charm Gear

    Charm Ability seems very strong, I'm on the first book, starting of act2, and now I have 3 charms, so just cuious if others think its OP?

  • Re: Charm Gear

    Any ability that rerolls speed is the key. That holds for all books. Not sure charm that awesome in book 1 but I played rogue didn't need. In later books you have better choices for rerolling dice, but they always good.

  • Re: Charm Gear

    Charm just doesn't re-roll speed, it applies to all combat die!

  • Re: Charm Gear

    Yes but you use for speed most of the time.

  • Re: Charm Gear

    Yes it's true that charm is a great skill. Just be careful because I kept some gear with charm well past what I should have because I liked the rerolling and it won me out of some tight spots LOL. I was okay but missed out on some better gear and skills.

    By act3 I needed more speed and brawn so had to give up on some of it. My advice is enjoy it but move on to better gear if you need to. The last fights are brutal! (As a warrior at least)

  • Re: Charm Gear

    What about the rogue ability that you can use pass an ability onto a new item? so can that item get charm - that was passed, plus the new ability on the new item?

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