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Topic: Kindle vs Paperback?

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  • Re: Kindle vs Paperback?

    I read it using the Kindle app. The links work really well.

    Heads up, though. Sometimes the app gets fussy with the repeated use of links. I find that it may become unresponsive. When that happens, I just open another book when I restart it. Then, I go back to the gamebook and then all is well again. I've discovered that problem while I was playing through Fabled Lands.

    Kindle makes gamebooks a better experience. I sometimes get lost and forget what number I'm supposed to be turning to, so the links are awesome.

  • Re: Kindle vs Paperback?

    Thanks again. I started using OneNote to hold the character sheet and then have Kindle open to the side like this:

    (hopefully this link works)
    This way I can resize things (the Hero Sheet is smaller than 100% right now) and I can write on the Hero Sheet as needed using the Apple Pencil. Below it I have the combat tracker that I downloaded from the official site. And, I have a separate page with Glossary that I also downloaded from the official site.

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