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Topic: Book IV available for pre-order

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  • Book IV available for pre-order

  • Re: Book IV available for pre-order

    Thank you Michael for all your amazing efforts. I wanted to post here as well as the kickstarter to say that you have been incredible throughout with all you have had to put up with from Megara.

    I've placed my order and can't wait to receive my book and finally get playing!

  • Re: Book IV available for pre-order

    Thanks for the update, Da Boss! Does this mean you'll be returning to the self-publishing route for the remainder of the series? Do you still have two more installments planned following Dune Sea/Edge of Time to complete your overarching megastory?

  • Re: Book IV available for pre-order

    @ Redoubt - thanks for the kind words!

    @ Wundow - yes, I will definitely be self-publishing all future gamebooks that I write, and yes there are two (possibly more) installments of the series to come.

  • Re: Book IV available for pre-order

    Can't wait to finally get my book! Thanks Michael, I am pleased you were able to get your book published. What an awful experience for all involved but I am happy to see a good end and can't wait for future books!

    I will gladly back anything you do on kickstarter. None of this has reflected badly on you. Wishing you all the best for the future.

  • Re: Book IV available for pre-order


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