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Topic: Download dilemma!!

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  • Download dilemma!!

    I am about to start the red quest in act 3 and wondering if I should wait for the download content or just carry on. When is it due, Mike? I might save that for my second play through (there WILL be a second play through as I love the book). I hate missing out stuff and my uber witchfinder wouldn't forgive me if there was epic lewt I might be missing

  • Re: Download dilemma!!

    WTF four pple on at same time?!!!

    i just continued on with the book and now on second time through I'll do the download content with my warrior.

  • Re: Download dilemma!!

    How far are you with the warrior?

  • Re: Download dilemma!!

    I done seared scar and first fights of arena combat. Gladiator and now starting the counts ball. I wanted better stats and more potions first

  • Re: Download dilemma!!

    wow. that is some hardcore dice rolling I am very impressed. I think I will go mage with my next play, not sure yet. Pyromancer seems a bit OP from the ability descriptions.

  • Re: Download dilemma!!

    Dunno. I do know that my assassin was doing crazy damage by end of act 3. Rogue could be the easy mode but i struggled in parts of act2. I looking fwd to seeing what warrior is like. nice to have more health.....

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