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Topic: Question about book 1 patch.

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  • Question about book 1 patch.

    So i’m working my way through your first 3 books. Annoyingly got to the 3rd act of book 2 and lost my character sheets .

    So I just saw the patch update for book 1. I just went through my book and made all the changes but a couple of things I wanted confirming. If there is an ability there but your change just shows stats I take it that you leave the ability. If you show a new ability notes should that replace the old ability or give the item a second ability. Thanks as always and excited to get to book 4! Early days but think you will go for a book 5 ?

    I imagine these changes were due to the difficulty of book one. I remember losing a lot more in book one act 1 than book 2. Think I got to act 2 of book 2 with no deaths although I then discovered I had gotten confused about the limited use of certain abilities per combat round so going to replay!

  • Re: Question about book 1 patch.

    The bolded text in the change notes highlights what was changed with the items - all other text (from before) stays the same. So if the bolded text just has a stat change, then if the item has an ability, that ability remains and stays the same as before.

    Yes, Legion was too hard (with hindsight) and I still think it is perhaps too challenging, even with the changes.

    I imagine there will be a Book 5 (as it would be part 2 of the adventure that is started in Book 4). The story was too big to fit into one book!

  • Re: Question about book 1 patch.

    Nice. Hmm does it end on a cliff hanger then :O?

  • Re: Question about book 1 patch.

    And for the ability edits It replaces the old ability and not give 2 abilities.

    Yeah i’m Noticing the differences already. The ability to buy stuff from the stores at the beginning makes all the difference. By the time you would have the gold to buy anything you would already have better gear.

  • Re: Question about book 1 patch.

    Also as an example moth eaten blanket should read +1 speed. Not +1 speed, + 1 Brawn and + 1 magic?

  • Re: Question about book 1 patch.

    Yep, just +1 speed. I agree, I could have made those notes clearer.

    Book 4, yeah... hang onto those cliffs cos bad stuff is coming...

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