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Topic: DQ Book IV in stock

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  • Re: DQ Book IV in stock

    Any news on the Kindle Edition of DQ4?

  • Re: DQ Book IV in stock

    I don't have any immediate plans to do a Kindle version of DQ4 at the present time. But it is something I could look into around the time of the DQ5 release/kickstarter - which is some time off I am afraid, as not made a start on the writing!

    So, it's a possibility, but some ways off I am afraid.

  • Re: DQ Book IV in stock

    Thanks for the reply, you rock. But, that's too bad.

    Looking forward to more to come. Thanks for your work.

  • Re: DQ Book IV in stock


    regarding the font I noticed the new book 5 - "The wrath of Ragnarog" finally comes back to the original font used in books 1 - 3 (with serifs) in comparison to book 4 (without serifs). As I mentioned before the one used in book 4 is definitely harder to read, any chance to have another printing with the same font as used in all the other books?

    Thank you

  • Re: DQ Book IV in stock

    I'm afraid unlikely as the whole book would need to be laid out again, as changing the font would cause issues with spacing and layout.

    It's something I can raise with my publisher once I get to my next printing to see how much they would charge me.

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