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Topic: Can I play as a Dwarf or Elf?

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  • Can I play as a Dwarf or Elf?

    Just bought all the books. It seems that you are only ment to play as a human. My question is however if it is possible to imagaine that the charecter you are playing is a dwarf, elf or lizardman for instance? Ofcourse it will not affect the game mechanics but is the books refering to your charecter as a human so that it becomes weird after a while if you have imagained your charater as a dwarf?

  • Re: Can I play as a Dwarf or Elf?

    The player character is always human, as the dwarven race (in DQ lore) are ancient beings that have long since died out/were destroyed. The elves have their own unique storyline - and again, no longer exist in the world of DQ at the start of Book One.

    That is not to say that you might not discover more about these races as you journey throughout the books... ;)

  • Re: Can I play as a Dwarf or Elf?

    OK cool! Thanks. Love the first book so far.

  • Re: Can I play as a Dwarf or Elf?

    Sure, you can play as a dwarf. Just pretend that your characters is portrayed by Peter Dinklage.

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