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Topic: Will you reclassify Sear and Acid as passive?

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  • Will you reclassify Sear and Acid as passive?

    For a while, I've thought Sear and Acid, while listed as modifer abilities, are better classified as passive. For one thing, they are very much like Merciless from Book 1, adding one to each damage score die. Merciless was passive, also, maybe bring it back for Rogues Sear/Acid don't do damage at the end of the round, but they do work all combat long.

    Your update about the Combo Rogue really made me think Sear/Acid should be passive. If Luck of the Draw lets you do 2 damage every time you play a modifier, would you do 2 extra damage every time you roll for damage score, since you're using Sear/Acid each time, unless your foe was immune? For Heart of Fire, I was Elysium Soaked, so I had to roll a die to determine if I could use a modifier. Either I'd roll it once at the beginning to see if I could use Sear/Acid, and if I failed, it was out for the rest of combat. Or I'd roll it each time I won a round and roll for damage score. I picked the second option, but it's easier to not keep Sear/Acid a modifier.

  • Re: Will you reclassify Sear and Acid as passive?

    Thanks for raising this T-man. Yes, I am in complete agreement. Once I get to the playtesting stage (in a few weeks) it was my intention to look back through all the abilities and re-check how they are working and activating.

    Acid and Sear will certainly be passive abilities, otherwise they would cause a lot of problems with other abilities.

    At the moment, the rogue and warrior has access to sear - but only the warrior gets acid. Of course, that might all change!

  • Re: Will you reclassify Sear and Acid as passive?

    I remember that fire-powered creatures were immune to Sear, but no one, not even acid worms, was immune to Acid. Maybe keep it for Warriors only, since they don't deal damage like Rogues can.

  • Re: Will you reclassify Sear and Acid as passive?

    Will the changes made to classes and abilities be retroactive to previous books? Like Rogues get Piercing as a Class ability in the first three books (and therefore Mages and Warriors can't take items with that ability, though all characters can take them in Act I of the three books before they become Mages, Warriors and Rogues)? And thus will Acid and Sear be Passive abilities likewise in the first three books?

  • Re: Will you reclassify Sear and Acid as passive?

    I doubt it, because that would probably unbalance the game, that had been written and play tested at that time. So no adding extra abilities that you get in future books, like getting Prophecy in Book 2, or the death moves you got in Book 3 when you picked a class, and using them in Book 1. Even when you use a past book character to fight a team battle in another book. But I would go ahead and make Sear and Acid passive in every book. Though I remember a few battles where you were told you couldn't use passive abilities, so it would hurt you there.

  • Re: Will you reclassify Sear and Acid as passive?

    When abilities are reclassified into a different group (modifier, passive etc.) then feel free to retroactively apply that to your other adventures. Everything should all work and remain balanced - just fine tuning.

    For other special book-specific changes (like the paths having an inherent ability, or the death moves in Book 3) they should not be applied to other books - and are specific to that particular adventure.

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