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Topic: Is Heart of fire much easier than book 1?

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  • Is Heart of fire much easier than book 1?

    So I'm not really complaining as I have so far managed to get through all of act 1 and on the toy masters tower currently without dying which is good as I am used to FF games where death meant game over so it bugged me in book 1 when you can die and just restart with no consequence although I understood why it was needed as these books are awesomely huge in comparison to Fighting Fantasy ones. However this second book seems much easier than what I remember from Act 1 of book 1 though. For example I just killed all 3 summons in the tower whereby you carry your health over to each encounter but that wasn't a problem as I never took a single point of damage! I am sure those legendary monsters will be harder but I seem to be steam rolling currently and rarely take any damage unless it's from an unavoidable passive damage mechanic.

  • Re: Is Heart of fire much easier than book 1?

    I also remember the first act of Book One being tougher than for Book Two, and I think the second act was also tougher in One than Two. But I felt Book Two was better in terms of telling a story and giving you different choices that gave it better replay value, both for defining your character and letting you track down a variety of cool stuff and careers. So if the combats are still too easy, then enjoy the variety of choices.

  • Re: Is Heart of fire much easier than book 1?

    Absolutely. I'm enjoying at least as much as, if not even more than the first book. I think it is partly to do with better gear and ability options which rewards intelligent gear choices for stats/skills and the order and combo's in which you use them. I didn't like my character dying in book 1 which felt like it was much further beyond my control. I just started act 2 and my character has still not died. He also managed to do both challenges. The zombie was down to the wire and man that black pillar one was tough and was only just doable thanks to skills I had from gear choices otherwise it would have been impossible due to the armour. I managed to get a first attack through with a good roll, potion and skill use which in turn allowed me to get maybe 1 or it was 2 points of damage through to apply rust reducing his armour by 2 so I could get tiny bits of damage through further and chip away. Not been cheating or restarting combat or anything so it felt really good. A shame the rewards weren't much use to me but it was fun and the combat lasted a long time which is unique in a game book! I seem to have done really well at amassing magic as I have 12 points in it as I head out to my first quest which feels very strong!

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