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Topic: Mage stuff

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  • Mage stuff

    Urm, where are all the decent mage boots and gloves?? I'm in act 2 and I've just finished "the unicorns horn". I'm still wearing ruby slippers and mason's gloves. Surely I should have upgraded by now Just wondering if I missed something.

    I know there are rune forged boots from the tinker but they are 200g and have no ability. Seem a bit rubbish. Not done any legendarys yet so suppose that is where i'm going wrong?

  • Re: Mage stuff

    Don't boots drop off the Count? There are gloves from the hydra which have a heal ability. I'm sure there are other mage boots but can't remember. I'm on the last quest of act3. Amazing and awesome don't do this justice :o

  • Re: Mage stuff

    Sunken city should solve your gear problems bishop

  • Re: Mage stuff

    I got scarab sandals from the treasure cave in the swamp. 2 speed 2 armour. (A shame you can't loot link!)

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