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Topic: Skill cards for better use

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  • Skill cards for better use

    I come from a board game background and during the fights i want to keep track of what abilities i have used.

    Sometimes we forget to use one.
    Sometimes we forget and use the same one 2 times.
    Also some of them are useless against some enemies and you can't take them in consideration.

    I was thinking of making some cards with what it's skill does and when i use it during a battle then i tap it/exhaust/turn it 90 degrees etc

    The cards could be 4 different colors for speed, modifier, combat and passive.
    A text with what the card does.

    It can be used for every book in the series.

    I think it would be a great idea even for a stretch goal in a future kickstarter or something the designer can sell from his personal site.

  • Re: Skill cards for better use

    I print an extra blank copy of the hero sheet, then use coins to keep track of what abilities I've used. For instance, my main hand has Savagery, and both my head and talisman have Charm. I have this written on my original hero sheet, with the speed/brawn/magic/armor numbers, so I don't have to write anything on my second (blank) sheet. If I use Savagery (a +2 brawn bonus), I put a coin or other marker on my second sheet, showing I've used it up for this combat. If I use Charm (to reroll a die), I have two items with that ability, and I can put a coin on, say, the head item on my second sheet. If I use Charm again, I put a coin on my talisman spot.

    Now I get a new weapon on my main hand, which has the Fire Aura ability. I make the change on my original hero sheet, but still don't have to write anything new on my blank sheet. Fire Aura automatically does 1 damage to all opponents, so I just leave a coin on there because I'll be using it all the time, as soon as I can. I use a nickel instead of a penny, because different markers help me remember when abilities are always "on". Now, some opponents are immune to Fire Aura, so I could remove the coin for that combat, knowing it won't do any good.

    I also add two boxes, since each different career has two abilities of their own, marking them Career 1 and Career 2. Instead of using a spare hero sheet, I can also just draw boxes on a blank sheet of paper and label them Main Hand, Ring, Chest, etc. You may have to do that for later books, since you get more abilities.

  • Re: Skill cards for better use

    I do love the card idea and it is one I have considered in the past, but the cost of producing that many cards makes it a little risky from a financial point of view. Perhaps I could put together some kind of sheet of 'cards' that people can print off and cut up. Although, with the book writing going on at the moment, not sure when that will be!

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