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Topic: Heart of Fire reprinting

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  • Heart of Fire reprinting

    Some of you may be struggling to get your hands on a copy of Book Two of DestinyQuest (The Heart of Fire) right now. The sad news is that it is currently out of print - so finding copies at the moment will be a challenge.

    Thankfully, I've been informed by my publisher that they are reprinting it, although the previous colour section (with the maps etc.) is being dropped into black and white.

    Not sure on the timescale yet, but I will keep you informed with any developments.

    In the meantime, the book is still available as an eBook via Amazon etc.

  • Re: Heart of Fire reprinting

    Sounds great, I'll definitely get a copy! Right now I'm stuck with just the library, luckily nobody else ever gets them so I just put them on hold again as soon as I have to return them. This will definitely save me some hassle plus will support more books! As for the lack of colour, how will we be able to tell what difficulty each quest is?

  • Re: Heart of Fire reprinting

    The maps will use symbols instead of colours, like the German editions.

  • Re: Heart of Fire reprinting

    Just as a head's up, the reprint of The Heart of Fire will be available from 14 December. According to my publisher, it is all on schedule! So might make a nice Christmas present for the gamebook lover in your life! (or yourself!)

  • Re: Heart of Fire reprinting

    I just got the reprint and lack of colored map makes quite a difference in perception. The black&white version is very dim especially for Act 3 where it is hard to recognize any details. It is a shame that such a great series can not afford to be printed in better quality at the moment .

    I enjoyed a lot colored maps in DQ1 - any chance to get it for DQ2 as JPG/PDF so that one can print it by his own at least? Thanks.

  • Re: Heart of Fire reprinting

    I will check with my publisher as to whether I can provide those (as there may be copyright issues). I will let you know, and if there is a way I can share the colour versions then I will do!

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