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Topic: Book 1 Arc 2 help

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  • Re: Book 1 Arc 2 help

    I'm afraid once an act has been completed, you cannot return to any locations in that act.

    Good luck on your adventures! Perseverance will pay off!

    Failing that, you could always skip to Book Two for some light relief (!) and come back to LoS once you have more experience.

  • Re: Book 1 Arc 2 help

    Well, I decided to cheat a little just for once, backtrack to a couple of missions of this Act and change two items of my equipment, increasing my speed to 8.

    It is unbelievable how just two more points of speed can change the result of a fight.

    I'm completing the blue mission where I was stucked and right now my warrior has 10 speed, 9 brawn and 8 armour. He is a mighty opponent!

    Thanks for the advice anyway. I've got already the books 2 and 3, which I'm sure I will injoy them as much as this one or even more, and I'll be waiting for the fourth one.

    Keep up the work!

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