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Topic: Book 1 Arc 2 help

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  • Book 1 Arc 2 help

    Kind of stuck. Rogue with 8 speed 7 brawn 7 armor. Venom, bleed, lightning, heal, thorns, piercing, acid, dominate

    700 gold!

    Cannot complete blue. Most opponents have higher speed.

  • Re: Book 1 Arc 2 help

    I recently played through Act 2 in Book 1, and I can see how you have problems in the Blue quest. Not only is your speed lower than opponents, you have no Speed abilities to help win you a round. Your Brawn is also low, though you do have good damage-dealing abilities. Rogues are usually better when you increase your Speed and Brawn at the expense of your Armor.

    You can use all that gold to help you. Go to New Hope (section 330). Visit the tavern and look at what the tinker's selling (section 311). In the book, she sells three items for 150 gold each. But if you click on the Downloads tab on this website, you can find a better version that's probably not in the book (it's not in mine, and I have a later-edition softcover book). It's under the Legion of Shadow bonus content, called "The Tavern Tinker". She sells the three items from the book at a higher price, 200 gold. But she also sells three extra items for 240 gold each, and 1-2 could really help you. The cloak has +2 Speed, +2 Brawn, and a great Speed ability in Webbed. You can use Webbed to win the first round and apply Venom and Bleed. You can also afford to buy the chest item, which has +2 Speed, +2 Armor, and a nice Combat ability in Corruption. That lowers the damage opponents can do to you, so use it on the first blow you strike, before Piercing. In New Hope, you can go to the mushroom seller and buy Mottled Marshstick, using one per combat. It gives you +3 Speed for two rounds, then -1 Speed for the rest of combat. You can use it anytime, so use it around the middle of combat when the +3 Speed can turn a lost round to a win. Finally, after buying something from the tinker, enter the gladiator combat. I think you can take the first 2-3 opponents, getting some good equipment and winning more gold, and you can always fight the next opponent when you want.

    Also, the Legendary Monster in section 313 is a tough opponent, but can give you something to really help you out. After buying new equipment, you have a shot. There are potential problems in Act 2, since some opponents will be immune to some of your most devastating abilities, like Venom, Bleed, and Piercing. Those fights will be much harder. Good luck.

  • Re: Book 1 Arc 2 help

    Solid advice from the T-Man!

    And that also reminds me that I need to update the tavern tinkerer download as the first set of items should be 150g and not 200g (it was changed for the reprint of Legion and I evidently forgot to go back to the download document). I'll get that changed and uploaded sometime this week.

  • Re: Book 1 Arc 2 help

    Updated tavern tinker text has been added to the downloads page.

  • Re: Book 1 Arc 2 help

    Thank you, I could continue to arc 3.

  • Re: Book 1 Arc 2 help

    I'm in a similar situation, but my character is a warrior.

    Speed: 6, Brawn: 10, Armour: 8.

    Special Abilities: Parry, Slam, Vanish, Life Spark, Charm (x2), Sear.

    Money Pouch: 55 gold crowns.

    I'm stuck too in the hard missions of Act 2 (Legion of Shadow).

    I'm not able to defeat any new opponent of this act, neither the next foe of the Arena, and I've not enough gold to buy new equipment.

    Any suggestions? Am I doomed?

    Thanks in any case.

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