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Topic: LFG snapjaw and hydra

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  • LFG snapjaw and hydra

    Anyone want to start invites

    I'm struggling at the end of Act2. I am playing a warrior (gladiator) and can't finish the arena chain or kill the last of the legendary monsters.

    sp 10 br 14 ar 7

    Don't think my speed is good enough or my brawn I keep getting killed by the bosses.......

  • Re: LFG snapjaw and hydra

    Those stats don't seem too bad at all. Warriors will have 10 or 11 speed by end of act2, less than other builds but they have extra health and more chance to have higher armour to take the pounding!! What is your gear/abilities? Gladiator has blood lust which is a good boost to your brawn. Remember taht for the legendary monsters and hard battles, potions and mushrooms can help you.

  • Re: LFG snapjaw and hydra

    Perhaps i was a bit premature there. I just killed shara khana with 29 health remaining I think I just rolled bad first couple of tries and was getting frustrated. Now got nice talisman, new chest and berserker!!! Happier now! Going to try snapjaw again.

    I not used many potions in my fights so far. I am a bit of gold hoarder i think!

  • Re: LFG snapjaw and hydra

    I found that my survivability went up by about x10 once i dumped gladiator for ranger. Natures revenge and lay of land both give you good speed bonuses to win combat rounds

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