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Topic: dqi not working

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  • dqi not working

    help me PLease. Tried to buy dqi last night and got charged twice but never got the game. Whenever i tried to click checkout after putting my details in it just kept going to a blank page with the words SERVER ERROR and still charged me both times. does QUI not work anymore and why is nobody from adventure cow replying to amy of my emails? Any light or advice on this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Re: dqi not working

    Sorry to hear you have had problems. Adventure Cow are based in America, so I imagine the time difference would explain why you hadn't heard anything. Hopefully your problem has been sorted now by Chris and the team, and you are enjoying your DQ adventure! Sorry it got off to a bit of a bad start.

    Let us know if everything is working now.

  • Re: dqi not working

    Yes thanks it all works fine now. Just one question. Are they planning on doing the other books too? I find dqi better than using the books and pens.

  • Re: dqi not working

    There are no plans at the moment to convert the other books.

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