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Topic: Book Four news

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  • Book Four news

    Want to discover what goodies are in store for you in Book Four of the DestinyQuest series? Then head over to Stuart Lloyd's gamebook blog for a Q&A session with yours truly. Enjoy!

  • Re: Book Four news

    Ooh pets and summoning! Will that be an option for all classes? Also will the book only be hardback then?

  • Re: Book Four news

    Mages will get the most toys to play with, but warriors and rogues won't be left out. As for the hardback question - not sure, I believe there could be a softback version too (maybe at a later date) but not something that has really been discussed or planned yet.

  • Re: Book Four news

    That is excellent news. Megara has done brilliant work so far and I think that they'll be a really good fit for Destiny Quest.

  • Re: Book Four news

    Great article! It's unfortunate you only could do two acts in Winter's Fury because the publisher only wanted two maps. I thought Bitter Keep could have been a great first act by itself, with the troops'camaraderie and going on adventures with your soldier friends, then a massive battle at the end. Glad you'll get to do three acts again, but if a different number of acts, like four or five, feels right, go for it.

    Looking forward to regular updates, and I will check out the Kickstarter. I may even buy all four books in the series for a good price, since my copies have worn down. As for sneak peeks, they sound good, but I don't want to learn too much about what's coming up, especially brand-new stuff. Maybe just little tastes to whet the appetite.

    NOW the legendary monsters are gonna get "big, bad, and ugly"? I still have nightmares about facing Snapjaw

  • Re: Book Four news

    Thanks T-Man!

    Yes, the two acts was a tricky one to plan around. You're right, that if it had been a three act structure I could have made more of Arran's journey and the Bitter Keep episode, with the final Boss encounter being the Nisse attack on the keep. Although, I guess it did give me chance to flesh out the quests in that act and add much more depth and choice to them. I could also expand on Ryker's Island and make that feel more of a 'place' and quest hub.

    As for the sneak peeks, they'll mostly be the usual career insights (like those currently in the How to play section) and a brief look at some of the path builds and new mechanics (like pets). Don't worry, nothing will be spoiled and there'll be much more to discover.

    Snapjaw? Bah, wait and see... ;)

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