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Topic: My Combat Tracker

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  • My Combat Tracker

    Hey Everyone,

    I wanted to share a combat tracker that I made for personal use. I basically combined a couple of other versions (including Michael's official tracker), and added a few things that I specifically wanted. It's a bit more involved than other trackers I've seen, which is (admittedly) a product of my OCD ;)

    Here is a link to where it can be downloaded:

    Feel free to use it (or alter it) however you see fit! (NOTE: The .docx versions likely won't render correctly unless you download them to your computer and open with Microsoft Word.)

    Let me know if you need clarification on anything. Thanks!

  • Re: My Combat Tracker

    Good looking combat tracker. Have shared to twitter and facebook.

  • Re: My Combat Tracker

    Thanks Michael!

    Offhand, do you happen to remember the maximum number of enemies you encounter in each book? I've only played through part of the first book (and the max I've encountered so far is two), but I know the enemy count increases in later books. I'm asking because I would eventually like to create a separate tracker for each book that would only include spaces for the maximum number of enemies you would encounter in that particular book.

  • Re: My Combat Tracker

    I think the biggest number of enemies for Book Two and Three is 5 enemies. Although there are a couple of encounters in Book Three where enemies can summon further enemies, so thereby increasing the count (but they are quite rare!).

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