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Topic: Books in spanish language

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  • Books in spanish language

    This message is a request for publishers, in 2013 was published in Spanish "The Legion of Shadows" by a small publishing house that has ceased activity and wanted to know if they published the second and the third book of destiny quest in Spain. I would like very much.


  • Re: Books in spanish language

    Hi Pulso

    I'm afraid they didn't get round to publishing the second or third books in Spanish, as they closed just after publishing The Legion of Shadow. Copies of the Spanish translation are now hard to come by, I am told!

    Sorry to be the deliverer of bad news. Of course, the English language versions are still going strong, and Book One and Book Two have been published in German, with Book Three on the way at some point.



  • Re: Books in spanish language

    Buscar otra editorial y publicarlos.

    Search another editorial and publishing.

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