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Topic: Manticon '16

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  • Manticon '16

    Check out the latest DestinyQuest news update for info on my recent visit to Germany -

  • Re: Manticon '16

    Thanks for the new update! A bigger gamebook than DestinyQuest? An awesome name like Swen Harder? I'm intrigued, though my old German classes and heritage are little use. I'm a one-language guy, you know, an American This dig is directed only at me, and not my many multilingual compatriots.

  • Re: Manticon '16

    Interesting indeed. I'll certainly be keeping the faith for books 4, 5 and 6.

  • Re: Manticon '16

    Yeah he is a great guy (with a great name!).

    In his gamebook you become the manager of a heavy metal rock band. It has a lot of very clever ideas. He did mention that an English language version might be coming at some point.

    Things still very much up in the air. Been here many times before, so I've learned to take these things with a grain of salt! But here's hoping something might get sorted out at last.

  • Re: Manticon '16

    I really hope it comes good for you. Feel like I have been waiting an age to continue my adventures. I need to know what happens to Arran!!!

  • Re: Manticon '16

    Patience will pay off. ;)

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