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Topic: New interview on Lloyd's blog

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  • New interview on Lloyd's blog

    Heya people

    Sorry news has been a bit lacking of late, but here is a morsel of DQ goodness to keep you going - an interview by Stuart LLoyd for his April A-Z blog, in which I talk about gaming, DQ and ideas for Book Four. Enjoy:

  • Re: New interview on Lloyd's blog

    Great interview! I'm particularly pleased with your ideas for the builds in book 4 - that's exactly the sort of thing we've all been wanting to hone in our careers and paths!

  • Re: New interview on Lloyd's blog

    Yes it felt like a natural progression of the system – rather than have a random ‘pick and mix’ of abilities, where some can combo together but lots are potentially stand-alone, I wanted to move towards a system where each path feels like it has a stronger theme, and the abilities all tie into that theme –and divided along two potential build-types for each path. I think it makes it easier for players to understand what they are aiming for and making immediate connections with the ability synergies. Also, the career abilities themselves, again –rather than being rather random as they might have seemed in previous books – would now tie in with one of the builds, so adding further possibilities or strengths to a particular style of play.

    If Book Four ever gets green-lit, then I’ll certainly be sharing more on these builds in future. The mage ones in particular are pretty darn cool ;)

  • Re: New interview on Lloyd's blog

    The mage ones in particular are pretty darn cool ;)


    Ooh, you absolute tease!

  • Re: New interview on Lloyd's blog

    Nice interview.

    I really do hope everything works out fine with book 4 and the company that is interested.
    Also hoping it will arrive in real book form and not (only) as app or ebook.

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