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Topic: The Legion of Shadow playthrough

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  • The Legion of Shadow playthrough

    Hello there. So... I have decided to return to this, but to the original hardback first print that I bought - the one before all the changes/errata making the book slightly easier.

    I've decided to play it as written - so most big fights will probably take me a while to get past!

    I'll let you know how things go.

  • Re: The Legion of Shadow playthrough

    Good luck with your return to the original Legion of Shadow.

    Most of the changes were really to the first act and beginning of the second, tweaking the speed of items to help new players/readers stay competitive with the monsters they were facing. Once you are into Act 2, apart from a handful of items (and the hidden boss monsters) the game is pretty much the same.

  • Re: The Legion of Shadow playthrough

    Thanks for the update! It's interesting to see the differences. For example, Rennie's Slicer gives no Brawn, but does boost your Speed by 2, and Humbaroth's club gives a massive +3 to your Brawn!

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