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Topic: DQ infinite bug?

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  • DQ infinite bug?

    I tried playing DQ Infinite and seem to have a problem where my hit points never go down. During combat my HP bar decreases, but after combat is over the HP stat on the right side of the screen stays at maximum and, when a new combat starts, HP start at max again. Is this a bug? I'm using Chrome running on Windows.

  • Re: DQ infinite bug?

    I don't play DQ Infinite, but I did read all the books, and I don't think this is a bug. This is actually a feature from the books, where your Health is reset to your maximum when combat ends, except in special cases when you fight a string of combats one after another. Destiny Quest combats can be tough enough without worrying about healing yourself between battles, so the books simply had you reset Health to max if you survive a battle.

  • Re: DQ infinite bug?

    Silly me. I haven't played the gamebook in a long time and completely forgot that combat works that way. I checked the rules in Legion of Shadow, and you're absolutely correct. Nevermind and thanks for your help.

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