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Topic: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

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  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    This week we start Act 3. We familiar ourselves with the camp, get some information and challenge one of the trainers to a fight. Will our new skills come in handy as we set off into The Bone Fields?!
    Episode 18: "Act 3 Begins"

  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    Programming alert! No new Page Flippers this week. Sydney has school vacation and she has been busy at friends' houses. We'll resume again next week. This will give everyone a chance to catch up on our first episode of act 3 and vote on which quest we should do the following episode. Thanks!

  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    We're a day early! Our 19th episode is up! Find out why "no one puts Azula in the corner" in the second half of the first quest of Act 3. It's an episode we're calling "Dirty Necrodancing". Enjoy!

  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    So just a brief update on what's been going on here since as you may have noticed there hasn't been any new Page Flippers episodes added in the last few weeks - let me start by saying back in November we lost my aunt to cancer after her third flight with it. I kind of alluded to this back on one of the episodes then but I didn't really explain what was going on. After my aunt passed my grandmother (her mother) wasn't the same and the first week of January she fell and broke her foot. We were trying to keep her spirits up and tried to get her to rehab and get back going but she really wasn't having much of it and she passed in her sleep a few weeks back. On top of all of this I had been contracted out to stream events for stores locally the last few weekends and the timing was not been ideal but I honored those commitments. So all of this is just to state - we will be resuming episodes of Page Flippers once all the family that has flown and driven in has dispersed and things are back to normal. I know the episodes haven't been getting uploaded with the regularity that they were and I am really sorry for that. I appreciate everyone who has supported the series. We should be back on track here shortly.

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