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Topic: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

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  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    Sorry to hear the news, Doug - I'm sure everyone is behind you at this difficult time and we look forward to more Page Flippers in the future.

    In the meantime, guys check out Doug's previous video:

    You can decide what Act 2 quest Sydney does next - the Seared Scar (321) or the Count's Ball (326). Simply write your choice in the comments section of the video and you will automatically be entered into a competition to win four exclusive limited edition DQ Bookmarks. They'd make an awesome Christmas present! ;)

    So get voting!

  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    After last week's defeat we decide to take the advice of out viewers and go into the camp and town to get some much needed equipment to help boost our stats and help us in our journey ahead. We hope you enjoy our ninth episode - "Gearing Up!"

    Comment with 321 or 326 on that video to determine which adventure we take next and for your chance to win a set of 4 bookmarks from Michael! We're going to pick the winner next week on Thursday night! if you commented on the last video you've already entered.

  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    We hit double digits with our tenth episode of PAGE FLIPPERS featuring DestinyQuest "The Legion of Shadow". This episode we get invited to a dinner party only to find out that the hospitality is more than lacking. Watch what happens as we face our fiercest battle yet in "Down for the Count"!
    Congrats to viewer Paul Wilson on winning the second set of DestinyQuest bookmarks! Stay tuned for our next bookmark contest!

  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    My top tip for abilities is to write them on slips of paper and turn them over as you play each one in combat. It helps to remind you of what you have and what is left to play. I found it helpful on my first play as I was always forgetting something important!

  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    Yeah I do something similar by writing abilities I use on my combat sheets. Not much of a problem at first but once you get 10+ abilities to keep a track off it is very useful!!

  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    Excellent ideas! We will definitely write them down on pieces of paper going forward. Thank you very much for the tips.

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