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Topic: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

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  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    Edited first post. We've upgraded! Starting next Thursday (11/5) we'll be streaming live in full screen with multiple HD cameras, studio microphones & lighting straight to YouTube! We hope it makes the viewing experience more enjoyable. If you haven't been watching or didn't prefer our screen mirroring on Twitch, I'll invite you to watch us this Thursday for Page Flippers 2.0. We're very excited to provide Page Flippers in the way we originally intended.

  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    This week we switch to our new home on Youtube and stream in HD! We close out Act 1 of "The Legion of Shadow" by fighting a troll and finally getting to Avian's castle. What path do we choose - warrior, mage or rogue? Will we find out more about the this mysterious mark on our arm? Watch and find out!
    Episode 7:"Act 1 Finale"

  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    This week we start Act 2 of DestinyQuest "The Legion of Shadow" and we take on the easy quest... at least that's what we thought. We try to help an old tree creature "Woad" from going extinct in our eighth episode - "I am Woad".

  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    The next episode of Page Flippers will be rescheduled for Tuesday 11/24 at 6PM ET. This is to accommodate the Thanksgiving holiday and also because of some personal issues our family is dealing with at the moment. After next week we will resume normal Thursday night streams. I apologize for the short notice. -Doug

  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    Sorry to hear the news, Doug - I'm sure everyone is behind you at this difficult time and we look forward to more Page Flippers in the future.

    In the meantime, guys check out Doug's previous video:

    You can decide what Act 2 quest Sydney does next - the Seared Scar (321) or the Count's Ball (326). Simply write your choice in the comments section of the video and you will automatically be entered into a competition to win four exclusive limited edition DQ Bookmarks. They'd make an awesome Christmas present! ;)

    So get voting!

  • Re: Destiny Quest Legion of Shadow YouTube series

    After last week's defeat we decide to take the advice of out viewers and go into the camp and town to get some much needed equipment to help boost our stats and help us in our journey ahead. We hope you enjoy our ninth episode - "Gearing Up!"

    Comment with 321 or 326 on that video to determine which adventure we take next and for your chance to win a set of 4 bookmarks from Michael! We're going to pick the winner next week on Thursday night! if you commented on the last video you've already entered.

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