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Topic: Damage Tracker

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  • Re: Damage Tracker

    Lol why couldn't I figure that out? Thank you very much

  • Re: Damage Tracker

    Glad you guys like it! You're pretty much right on Johntfs. It's basically the left and right digits of both opponent's health. Each side (hero and enemy) has two columns of numbers to represent their current health. As the player/enemy take damage you just move the markers you are using to update the current health.

  • Re: Damage Tracker

    As for representing health in the hundredth's...

    I haven't made it all the way through the book yet, and didn't want to spoil anything by looking ahead too much. So, I just skimmed the book and didn't see too many enemies in the hundreds to warrant making one with three columns. However, looking through again there are a number of tougher enemies later on that will require an updated tracker, or just printing off two of these and trimming the titles off the top. I will try to make an updated version as soon as I can.

    ....or when I get to that part of the adventure.

    P.S. I love this book!!!

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