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Topic: Kickstart my heart

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  • Kickstart my heart

    Hey Guys,

    Its been so long since I last posted that I had to make up a new account lol.

    I dont know how many faithful still post here but with the surge in kickstarter funded gamebooks as of late why isn't Michael trying to get funds from a kickstarter campaign? I would gladly give him money for another book and since he put out the first book by him self I'm sure he can do it again with our help.

    Currently there are two gamebooks running until the 4th of august on kick starter.
    Alices nightmare in wonderland by jonathan green (FF author) and the new fabled lands book which I stumbled onto.
    If you like destiny quest you will like fabled lands.

    I know it sounds selfish of me but I would just like one more book from Michael as he has put his heart and soul into thise series and for one it has gotten me back into reading again.

  • Re: Kickstart my heart

    Thanks for the support. I am watching these current kickstarter projects with interest, trust me.

  • Re: Kickstart my heart

    I would love to back a DQ kickstarter. Some more printed loot cards for rewards and stretch goals would be even more awesome!

  • Re: Kickstart my heart

    I was thinking along the same line and was about to post about it. I'm sure that a kickstarter campaign would be a huge success. A lot of gamebook writers have been published that way over the past few years (William Fincher and Marc J. Wilson are good examples) and I fail to see how it could not be the same for Michael as he already have a good fanbase. Moreover, the kickstarter campaign could go far beyond writing a new book and encompass other things, like for example some digital content.

  • Re: Kickstart my heart

    The Fabled Lands KS is closing on $19,000 with a good 16 days until the end. What amount would you consider to be your "bare minimum" for a Book 4?

  • Re: Kickstart my heart

    ... and it may well be that it will have reached around $42,000 at the end of the campaign, according to Kicktraq.

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