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Topic: Encouragement

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  • Encouragement

    I just wanted to encourage you with the Destiny Quest project. I only discovered these books recently and I'm really enjoying them, despite the fact that I'm 47-years-old. I also wondered if you were able to give us any more info on whether we're likely to see a fourth book or not..?

    It did occur to me that if you were able to afford to investigate converting these books to ipad apps, the way FF has done, they could enjoy a whole new lease of life.

    Anyway, well done, thanks for this and keep up the good work...

  • Re: Encouragement

    Words of encouragement are always much appreciated - thank you!

    I can't comment at the moment about a fourth book, as there are possible developments that might influence when and how a fourth book becomes a reality. For now, all I can say is, I certainly want to do a fourth book and am looking at ways of achieving that.

    The first book is available as a web-browser game ( and will be converted to mobiles at some point. Books Two and Three... well, I'll keep you posted on those. If they go ahead then yes, they will most definitely be available for ipad. ;)

  • Re: Encouragement

    Yes, it's interesting the way everything is going online and onto tablets and away from hard copy books.

    I am currently playing the first book using the Kindle ebook version. It's fully hyperlinked and all, but I still find it a bit annoying, so much so that I have just ordered hard copies of the first two books, I just think that it will be a better experience than the ebook.

    That said, I also have ipad apps of the FF books. These are great fun and very convenient but they do seem to be over quite quickly and I can't help thinking there might be more to the experience if I was working from the hard copy edition. The apps just seem a little shallow at times.

    Also, because I'm older, I suppose, I do like having 'proper' books on my shelves.

    Anyway, thanks again...

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