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Topic: character sheet program?

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  • character sheet program?

    is there anybody who could create a character sheet program for android phones as i love playing dq but find it very difficult to write everything down! i use a dice app on my phone for dice rolls but really need a program that does everything for you, like counting damage score and everything! PLEASE HELP As IT REALLY HURTS TO PLAY!

  • Re: character sheet program?

    Hello all,
    I have been in contact with Mr. Ward concerning this very issue and am well under way developing an android app to do just that (with his permission of course). So far, I have all of book 1, act 1 programmed into a character sheet. Since the inventory system is working nicely, I have moved up to a fully functional combat calculator. This is, of course, the primary goal of the program and, since the combat system has scores of mechanics to consider, I will be in further contact with Mr. Ward to ensure that each one is used correctly and with no ambiguity. I would post screenshots of the program's functionality thus far but am unsure how to do so on this forum. I'm also just a fan of the book series and am open to suggestions as to functionality and layout/design. I'm knocking this thing out using B4A so if anyone else out there is familiar with this language and would like to help out, we can get this completed.

  • Re: character sheet program?

    Here is a link to some screenshots:

    Just to reiterate, this would be a companion app for the print books allowing you to manage your inventory (the app would automatically adjust your stats based on the items you have equipped). The dice app would be tailored to the DQ combat, allowing you to choose number of dice to roll (for speed and combat), with the chance to amend rolls/swap rolls (to mimic some of the more straightforward abilities in the book).

  • Re: character sheet program?

    any more info on when the digital character sheet will be avalable to use?

  • Re: character sheet program?

    Is there any news about this amazing companion? I just came about the game (thank god the time comes) and it would be marvellous to have this all-handy app running on my Android. In fact I got an excel sheet more or less handy, but depending on the computer for tracking is not so superb.

    Please let me now if there is a beta version I could test. Thank you!

  • Re: character sheet program?

    Hello all,
    Just a quick update to the program. The code is working nicely and I am getting the items plugged in. It's a long and slow process as there are a ton of items spread out across three books and each one has to be triple-checked for accuracy. As a humble fan of the books myself, I only have about an hour each week to dedicate to putting these items in place. Perhaps if I posted the source code and explained what needed to be changed on each entry, this process could be sped up? No coding experience would be necessary, just transcribing the items into the code. Much depends on accuracy for if there is even one wrong entry, it could render the use of the calculator worthless in your game. If anyone is willing to help, I'll get this moving along sooner. As it stands right now, I'm just one mad hombre alone against the legion.

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