Less than a week left to get Inner DQI Circle extras

Our special one month Inner Circle promotion is ending this week, on Friday Dec 5. That means there’s less than a week left to snag any of these extras:

* A digital poster and digital ebook detailing the production and art of DestinyQuest Infinite.
* A 11"x13" poster of an artwork from DestinyQuest Infinite.
* A DestinyQuest Infinite production book: a full color book filled with sketches and images from the making of DQI.
* Your own writing included in the game! We'll help you make your own quest, and include it in the game.
* A trip to meet the QuestForge team in New York City! Get food and tour the city with us. (US domestic flights only, sorry!)

We only have a few dozen left of everything, and once the event’s over they’re gone permanently.

Join the Inner Circle

Of course you can just buy DestinyQuest Infinite too - the first act is available immediately for you to play. You can do that here.

Thanks for your support, and keep adventuring!