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Topic: Latest book versions?

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  • Latest book versions?

    I just got the first book two days ago and it was published in 2013. So it appears that it has all of the updated information. My question is if I order books two and three, will they be updated with all of the corrections?

  • Re: Latest book versions?

    If you order Heart of Fire you should be getting the updated version with all the corrections. Winter's Fury is still in its first edition so that won't be updated until the new version is out next year (but there were hardly any errors in that one anyway).

  • Re: Latest book versions?

    Would Winter's Fury in the e-book format be up to date?

  • Re: Latest book versions?

    Yes, the ebook 'should' be fully updated - I can't remember if any errors were discovered after the last update, but I think it should be all there.

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