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Topic: sledding & stones&bones

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  • sledding & stones&bones

    why did you spend all that space on the back for the dog sledding i mean its a 1 time event and why did you only make stones and bones in the inn and a green quest i wish you made it like cards were you can bet and play it as meany times

  • Re: sledding & stones&bones

    They were fun little extras and the rest of the book makes up for it big time.

  • Re: sledding & stones&bones


    I added the Ice Sled Racing segment because I thought it was cool and to give players an added challenge. I actually spent a lot of time making sure that it didn't eat up too much space. If I could have, it would have been a much bigger segment (there were originally going to be three races instead of two).

    As for Stones & Bones, that does (unfortunately) take up a lot of space (and artwork) so I could only do two instances of the game. Those games are also quite complex to check and write.

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