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Topic: GOT IT!

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  • GOT IT!


    Too giddy with excitement. First impressions -- I don't know where to start!!. The book is HUGE.... like a phone directory. I was not expecting there to be so much, but that is good The artwork is insane. The maps!! The one of the bone fields I never saw such detail, just keep looking at it and going "whooooaaaaaaah".

    Dice are cool and love the artwork on the loot card (inscribed gauntlets). You guys should work for Blizzard. Amazing.

    I'm off to start playing K THX BAI!

  • Re: GOT IT!

    not fair

  • Re: GOT IT!

    I look forward to hearing more! Can't wait for my copy now!

  • Re: GOT IT!

    What does it say on the loot card? I'm just curious how they link to your hero and abilities.

  • Re: GOT IT!

    is there artwork for all the items and rewards in the book?

  • Re: GOT IT!

    the loot card is:

    inscribed gauntlets
    +1 speed +2 brawn
    ability: heal

    Card says I can equip at start of act 2. it is common and 2/8 (so lots more cards out there)

    No artwork for rewards in the book, prob cos there are hundreds! There are some nice b/w pictures for puzzles. Haven't got that far yet. Maps are full colour and just awesome!

    I'm half way through act 1. it is very much a nooby zone to teach you the basics I think. Some quests are quite linear and others branch alot and give loads of options. so far i am very impressed. some tough combats probably because i was playing around with my gear a bit too much. stick to speed and brawn or speed and magic. don't mix.

    More soon

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