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Topic: When Cavalier became Drake

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  • When Cavalier became Drake

    Do somebody think that if some of us play with Cavalier from LoS and have more Armor points and when the same hero take Talisman: Drake's Spirit (became with Career: Drake) will be good transformation? May be Analander's Claudius Maximus -, or BLOKKA's Blokka - This heroes will became insane when Drake's Spirit is in their hands. I will try this mutation sometime.

  • Re: When Cavalier became Drake

    Hey Marilyn
    , thank you for picking out my cavailier. I ended up with my ranger in the team combats because my original character’s speed was way too slow. I did make my HoF warrior into a Drake but didn’t find it mega powerful , even with 14 armour. The build no doubt works better if you have other passives to add to it.

    I’ve learnt to make warriors more brawn and less armour. The theory is working well with my Were hero for WF (armour doesn't really benefit them because of shape shifting) but I am only a few quests in though. The third book seems much easier to experiment with builds and attributes.

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