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Topic: background/Musical score

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  • background/Musical score

    When you read and play Destiny quest or similare books, what do you usually listen to during your sessions?

    I mean, an epic musicale score is always an important part of a rpg setting, it gives ambiance and depth to what you read and plays out.

    Personnaly i like listening to the Legacy of Kains music, especially Soul Reaver.

    Also listenting to the Conan the Barbarian soundtrack its just thrilling!!

    Or the legend of Zeldas are also awesome.

    Sometimes switching to some Power metal or Folkmetal for combats.

    WHats your favorit music you like to use/listen during your reads of Destiny quest?

  • Re: background/Musical score

    Interesting topic! Although I don't write (or play) to music - I find that music can inspire a lot of ideas. I'm a huge fan of the Conan the Barbarian soundtrack - in fact, I think it is easily one of the best film scores ever produced.

  • Re: background/Musical score

    Two Steps from Hell !!
    Best epic music !

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