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Topic: Tragedy!!

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  • Tragedy!!

    I'm not sure if there are team fights in EoWF, but I just opened up the excel spreadsheet I used to track my characters and it looks like somehow I've only got my character as he was at some point in act 2 I think...

    Is there any list of all the equipment in book 2? I feel that if I saw the equipment I could probably remember roughly what he looked like. (now I'm really wishing I put him on the forums when I had the chance!!)

  • Re: Tragedy!!

    I feel your pain. Don't worry, if you look on the downloads page there is the Hero Builder for Heart of Fire (fifth choice down). That lists all the items in the game.

    There is a team battle in Winter's Fury but it is optional and available as a separate download on the downloads page.

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