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Topic: color blind

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  • color blind

    Hi. Newby here. I am color blind and am having trouble telling the colors apart on the map in "The Legion Of Shadow". Could someone post the name of the color next to the paragraph entry on the map? Example - ACT ONE 111=blue


  • Re: color blind

    Here you go:

    Act 1
    Green quests - 15, 10, 22
    Orange quests - 4, 66
    Blue quests - 111, 25
    Red quests - 87

    Act 2
    Green quests - 305
    Orange quests - 321, 326
    Blue quests - 315
    Red quests - 343

    Act 3
    Green quests - 575
    Orange quests - 589, 864
    Blue quests - 618,
    Red quests - 613

  • Re: color blind

    Thank you! I can get started now. I didn't want to begin with a RED or ORANGE section.

  • Re: color blind

    Could you please provide a similar list for Winter's Fury? I have the Kindle version which is all in black and white (at least, it is on my non-tablet style Kindle). On a somewhat related note, I've noticed that there aren't nearly as many section links within the Kindle version of Winter's Fury as there were in the previous two books. Are there any plans for an update to add more links, or is this something that's just outside of your control? Thanks!

  • Re: color blind

    Here's the quest list for Winter's Fury:

    Act 1
    Green quests - 24, 86
    Orange quest - 369
    Blue quests - 447, 204
    Red quest - 500

    Act 2
    Green quest - 551
    Orange quest - 606
    Blue quest - 638
    Red quest - 683

    I'm not clear what you mean by a lack of links. All the entry numbers should be hyperlinked, aren't they? I haven't got or seen a copy of the eBook version, but I assume it is the same as the others and the entry text can be clicked on to take you to the relevent numbered entry? If not, that sounds like some sort of mistake/error.

  • Re: color blind

    Thanks for the quest list!

    That's exactly what I meant about the hyperlinks. For instance, there are no hyperlinks in the blocks at the end of some passages that might look something like (and obviously I'm making this example up):
    "Go to the courtyard 123
    Go to the building 456"

    There are, however, hyperlinks in most passages where there are no choices before continuing (e.g. "Now turn to 789").

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