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Topic: Got book 3 from Amazon

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  • Got book 3 from Amazon

    Just received a copy of The Eye of Winters Fury today, looking forward to more adventures. What was the reason behind changing the maps from book centre to front and back covers? How many more books are planned?

  • Re: Got book 3 from Amazon

    The change to the two maps was my publisher wanting to cut printing costs basically - as it gets pricey to do large colour sections. It was a bit of a nightmare from a writing point-of-view, having a two act structure.

    Three more books planned, but no word as yet as whether they will be happening. Hope to have that news very soon.

  • Re: Got book 3 from Amazon

    I really really hope they do happen. Any idea how many books you have to sell before they decide that it's worthwhile? The gamebook is much more popular now than when you first started making these so would be surprised if they ended it. If they do though I would suggest you do a kickstarter campaign for book 4. Your books already have the advantage of having a built in fan base that would support you in addition to other gamebook fans who may not even know about these books at the moment. You would just have to decide how much money you would need to raise to make it worthwhile, but since holdfast raised 30,000 I can't imagine you would have trouble raising at least that.

  • Re: Got book 3 from Amazon

    No clue what sales would be needed. Classified information, no doubt! Yes, I have considered the kickstarter option, but once you factor in printing, artwork and also a 'salary' for my own time, it gets pricey. Doing a kickstarter really is like publicly putting your neck on the line. The response might be overwhelming and positive, or the total opposite. Anyway, something to be considered for the future.

    At the moment, just chuffed and grateful to have Book Three out for people to enjoy. The response has been pretty positive so far, which is great!

  • Re: Got book 3 from Amazon

    Almost all gamebook projects that have been on kickstarter have been successful. Trial of the clone made 130,000 freakin dollars and it's a pathetic piece or junk compared to your books. Anyway the good thing about gamebooks on kickstarter is there is very little competition. One gamebook seems to go up every few months if that, so you wouldn't be competing with a bunch if other similar things like you would be if you were trying to create a board game or a movie or something.

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