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Topic: International shipping

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  • International shipping

    Any chance of getting an international shipping option on the 'Ebay Edition'?

  • Re: International shipping

    I've now added international shipping rates to the eBay profile (thought I'd done that but evidently I hadn't!)

  • Re: International shipping

    Cheers, sold... I'll be the first in NZ I guess

  • Re: International shipping

    Now that's a place I'd like to do a book signing ;)

  • Re: International shipping

    C'mon over, I am next to the capital and I have friends in many of the vineyards here if you fancy a tour... ;-)
    As long as reciprocate the agreement and show me around some breweries next time I am in Sheffield seeing my brother-in-law!

  • Re: International shipping

    Lol, DQ goes global! When does the world tour kick off? Hire a coach and then we can all come, Mike

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