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Topic: Amazon click to look inside

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  • Amazon click to look inside

    I just went on to amazon to order my copy and noticed you can look inside and see the pages. The rules and some of the introduction are there. I had a glance through the entries as I don't want things spoiled but I did notice a cool looking rune game? Can't wait now to get my hands on this!

    Edit: Take a look at the expanded hero sheet! Do we get pet summons in this? (speed, toughness,stability)?

  • Re: Amazon click to look inside

    Didn't think Amazon offered that feature until the book was released. I'm not a fan of 'look inside' (as I've probably mentioned before) - especially for a gamebook where you can easily see entries out of context etc. But good if it adds to the speculation!

    Pets and rune games? Hmm, wait and see! ;)

  • Re: Amazon click to look inside

    I'm fighting temptation because I know I'll read it all Really want to take a look too. GRRR

  • Re: Amazon click to look inside

    I took a look. *drool*

    So when will you be posting a new version of the character sheet?

  • Re: Amazon click to look inside

    Yep I will hopefully get the new version up in the next couple of days. The Team Battle is likely to go up on the official day of release (17 April).

  • Re: Amazon click to look inside

    The herosheet for DQ3: The Eye of Winter's Fury has now been added to the downloads page.

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