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Topic: Pre-Order Question

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  • Re: Pre-Order Question

    I'm assuming three loot cards means one card for each path? Will these be career specific or will we be able to use them with any career?

  • Re: Pre-Order Question

    Oh, I will be checking =) Thanks.

    I'm very much looking forward to this next book. Over this past winter I've played through a fair number of the older game books, becoming familiar with their various mechanics. And I must say I was delighted to come across your books, you've really managed to introduce a set of mechanics that's enjoyable to play (love not having to skim through the same pages multiple, multiple times after every death), along with a well written, colourful, and interesting story. An evolution in the game book world, a world that hopefully has lots of life left!

  • Re: Pre-Order Question

    @ Redoubt Yes, it is one item per career. They are linked to specific careers, but once equipped you are free to keep/use with other careers - if you swap etc.

  • Re: Pre-Order Question

    Please let one be for the Were career

  • Re: Pre-Order Question

    There are currently two entries for this title on UK's Amazon site. One has a picture, the number of pages is 720, and its just been released today. The other has no picture, 560 pages and will be released on May 14th. They are both paperback, but which is the mass-market paperback? And is the unreleased book the updated version, as was done with the previous two books? Or is that yet to come?

  • Re: Pre-Order Question

    The edition released today is the large trade paperback (kind of like the collector's edition). The second version is the smaller paperback that will be released next year. Both versions will be the same in terms of content - although, of course, if there are any errata or balancing issues, these will appear in the edition out next year.

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