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Topic: Pre-Order Question

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  • Pre-Order Question

    Hi Folks,

    Quick question, I have The Eye of Winter's Fury pre ordered from, and last time I checked its release was set for May 27th. Now I'm noticing on the site the release date is set for April 27th. As far as I can see, if I cancel my order on .ca and place on on .uk, I'll get a copy roughly a month earlier, is this correct? Its a few more euros, so I thought I'd double check with you folks first.

    By the way, I thoroughly enjoyed The Legion of Shadow, and am enjoying The Heart of Fire even more. Great to see some fresh game books with some new ingenuity.


  • Re: Pre-Order Question

    Hi Alex

    Glad you are enjoying the first two books in the DQ series!

    Regarding your query, I know that in the US the release dates are confirmed as: Legion (May), Heart (June) and Winter's Fury (September). These are the same UK versions, just distributed by a US publisher. I am not clear on the situation in Canada and I would (personally) take the May date with a heavy pinch of salt.

    If you want to guarantee delivery when it is released in the UK (17 April - may even be a little sooner) then I would order from Amazon.UK or Book Depository (links on my buy page).

    I will also be selling signed copies with loot cards (via this website) as soon as I get copies - which will be around the 17 April.

    Hope that helps!

  • Re: Pre-Order Question

    Thanks, that does help. I'd rather have The Eye of Winter's Fury sooner rather than later! How much will you be selling the signed copies for, if I may ask?


  • Re: Pre-Order Question

    There won't be many. Likely to be around 15 GBP (+P&P)- signed copy with three exclusive loot cards.

  • Re: Pre-Order Question

    Well I'd be thrilled to have one. Is there any way to claim one ahead of time (pre paying, etc.)? Perhaps that's a lot to ask, but the idea of a signed copy is quite exciting!

  • Re: Pre-Order Question

    Sadly, I don't have a system in place for pre-orders - the stock will be sold through eBay. I really wouldn't worry; I've never known the books to sell out straight away. If they prove popular I'll put some extra ones up anyway. Just keep checking the site for the updates. I'll give people a heads-up nearer the time for when they will be going up.

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