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Topic: EoWF abilities

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  • EoWF abilities

    The special abilities glossary for DQ3 The Eye of Winter's Fury is now available on the downloads page.


  • Re: EoWF abilities

    Awesome!! Let me guess shape shift and blood frenzy are for the were career?

  • Re: EoWF abilities

    Were sounds really good!

    I really hoped there be more death move skills but I like the sound of many of the new ones. It looks like abilities that do AOE damage seem more popular this time around. Very excited.

    Question. Will there be any more career reveals? I thought there would be another mage career by now?

  • Re: EoWF abilities

    The ice slick ability is missing a number? Should be a (6)? I am assuming.

    I count ten death moves. Here's what I think the paths are, three we already know.

    Eviscerate (dm): Use eviscerate to automatically defeat all opponents
    with 5 health or less. This ability can only be used once per combat rogue?

    Frost hound (dm): (requires Syn’s heart) When you defeat an opponent,
    you can transform the corpse into a frost hound. The hound will
    immediately attack another single opponent, inflicting 2 damage per
    round (ignoring armour) for the duration of the combat. You can only use
    this ability once per combat, to summon a single hound. mage. sounds like valkyrn career

    Murder (dm): Use to inflict 1 damage to a chosen opponent at the end of
    every combat round, and lower their speed by 1 for the remainder of the
    combat. You can only use this ability once per combat. rogue or warrior

    Petrify (dm): (see murder). You can only use petrify once per combat. mage?

    Recharge (dm): You regain a speed or modifier ability that you have
    already used in combat – allowing you to use it again. Recharge can only
    be used once per combat. mage

    Recovery (dm): Immediately restore one modifier ability that you have
    already used. You can only use this ability once per combat. warrior

    Recuperation (dm): Gain 1 health at the end of each combat round for
    the duration of the combat. This ability can only be used once per
    combat. mage or warrior?

    Scarlet strikes (dm): Automatically inflict damage equal to the brawn of your main hand and left hand weapons to all remaining opponents,
    ignoring armour. rogue

    Shadow thorns (dm): Summon barbed roots to rip and tear at your
    opponents. This causes 1 die of damage to each opponent (roll once and
    apply the same damage to each). Shadow thorns can only be used once
    per combat. mage?

    Upper hand (dm): You automatically win the next combat round (without
    needing to roll for attack speed). Upper hand can only be used once per
    combat. warrior

    Not sure. That makes 3 rogue, 3 warrior and 5 mage?

  • Re: EoWF abilities

    Wait. You checked out the number of passive abilities?

    vital artery

    That could total 9 damage a round! Poison cloud and blizzard sound like mage abliities. I'm rolling rogue and going for an uber assassin build with Scarlet strikes and eviscerate that's some pain!

  • Re: EoWF abilities

    @ Tisamon - good spot, thank you! Yes it was meant to be a [6]. I've uploaded a new version.

    @ Vhalor - there will be a final career upload at the end of this month (hopefully), which will feature the next mage career

    @ Noob Sauce - yes there are some interesting builds and combos this time around. I'm looking forward to seeing what players come up with!

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