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Topic: Consequences of Death

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  • Consequences of Death

    Hi everyone, I just got LoS and I absolutely love it! Reading the new article 'Death and all his friends' posted on the site, I'm very intrigued by the new system of having consequences for dying. As much as I like the combat system in LoS, I think that having some more consequences for poor performance will increase the tension and make for a more enjoyable experience.

    So, my question to you all, are you interested in this new Death system? Would you like to replay LoS incorporating this new death system? Maybe it would be unbalanced, but I think a Death system will change my decision-making and make for a more immersive experience. What do you think?

  • Re: Consequences of Death

    I do like the sound of the new death system, my only worry is if would make progress impossible. I suspect if your character is dying a lot in the game then the last thing you really want is to have more obstacles put on you. I enjoyed LoS but I found it quite difficult and not sure I would have liked added difficulty. I'm very interested to see how it works out in the new book. If it is handled well and the penalties are not too damaging to progress then I welcome the change.

  • Re: Consequences of Death

    Just to pipe in - hope you don't mind ;) The death penalty system for Book Three has been balanced around that book. So it is not something that could easily be lifted and transferred to the other two books. Book Two has its own difficulty level in terms of the hexed state (won't go into that further as it is spoiler territory).

    Tatties, don't worry - the penalties are not so bad that you would become unable to progress. Also, remember that there are chances to remove the effects too. Your hero in Book Three is very powerful in terms of the amount of abilities they have to choose from and also the bonus of the death moves. It will be an easier ride than LoS I hope ;)

    I'm more intrigued, once the book is released, to hear feedback on using a "named" hero rather than someone anonymous created by the player. Book Four kind of pivots around a named character also, so if I got to write that, I would hope the third book is well received. Guess we'll find out in a month or so!

  • Re: Consequences of Death

    Thanks for the feedback, nice to know that the new death system is fully implemented into the game and not just an add-on. I've actually just started Act 2 of LoS, and I find it interesting that there are now variable outcomes for winning or losing certain battles. I think having these consequences really amps up the tension in combat and maybe does a better job of making combat exciting than a death system would.

    As for the 3rd book: Death moves? Named characters? This sounds intriguing. I'm excited to see this new book, it sounds like you've done a lot to expand and improve what is already a great formula.

  • Re: Consequences of Death

    Glad you are enjoying the book!

    With each new addition to the series I try and take on board the feedback that I have been given. I am also my own worst critic too and am always berating myself for things I might have done differently or how something could have been improved.

    With Book Three I wanted to explore the storytelling aspects more - and with that, also provide more choices for the player. I suppose I also wanted to develop the combat and make that more strategic too. The death moves (and multiple opponents) hopefully open that up a bit.

    My aim is for each book to bring something new to the table and also have its own distinctive 'feel'. Will be really interesting to hear what people make of EoWF once it is released.

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