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Topic: Amazon and other retailers

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  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    Man, you are fast. Do you even sleep? lol

  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    Still no news from; I ordered the book on february 1st, but the site still marks it as "awaiting stock".... hoping they don't have problems to find it...

  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    I've had word this morning that some people have received their amazon orders but others haven't. I'm not really sure what is going on with Amazon or other online retailers to be honest; these things are sadly out of my hands. The only thing I currently have control over is the collectors sets, which I am posting out same day where possible.

  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    Stress no more. Amazon are now saying "in stock". Good times

  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    AT LAST!

  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    Hoping won't be too lazy and let me have the book one day or another...

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