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Topic: Amazon and other retailers

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  • Amazon and other retailers

    Just heard back from my publisher.

    Amazon and other book retailers should get copies of DestinyQuest on Monday of next week, so it will be in stock by this time next week. Highstreet stores should be able to order it in for then also.

    If you don't want to wait, there is always the collectors set (with dice and loot card) available now on eBay.

  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    Cheers for the update mate. Shame gotta wait another week eBay is suddenly looking a lot more attractive hehe.

  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    Well got mine!!! Think i was first!

  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    Lol! Was one of them you? Sold two almost a second after uploading.

  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    Sure was! Make sure I get a GOOD LOOT CARD OKAI!

  • Re: Amazon and other retailers

    Ordered mine too Happy now!

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