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Topic: Mages Underpowered

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  • Mages Underpowered

    I have completed LoS and HoF with mages, but to me they are easily the weakest of the three classes.

    To get their good careers you have to use a talisman that comes without a speed bonus and they seem to have less ways of inflicting damage than warriors of rogues.

    I'm hoping that in book 3, mages get a better deal......

  • Re: Mages Underpowered

    For me "Speed" is not everything. I created mage with 13 Speed point and Lorcan cry against me

  • Re: Mages Underpowered

    That's impressive. My Icelock of speed 15 struggled against him and required the use of a full restore health potion to get through.

    I agree speed isn't everything, but it doesn't seem likes Mages' other abilities make up for its lack. For instance in HoF they can't benefit from gloves with spider grips, probably the single strongest ability.

  • Re: Mages Underpowered

    Gloves "Leather long arms" have ability "sure grip" and they can use from Mages.
    I think this ability vitiating the game and I hate it! I don't understand why All [1] results can be changed to a [6] result when rolling for your attack speed. I think the result 3 will comfort me. But the rule is the rule.

    About Lorcan in my way I hit him 4 times and this is all. He hasn't    
    heavy "Armour", but I do great damage.

  • Re: Mages Underpowered

    So you can use the leather long arms as a mage, but then you have a worthless +2Br modifier, rather than any boost to magic.

  • Re: Mages Underpowered

    You'll be pleased to know that mages can equip any talisman in DQ3.

    There are two mage careers in DQ3 that rely on specific items (for example, the shaman requires a totem to be equipped in order to use their two special abilities), but any mage can also equip those too, so there is greater flexibility.

    I take your point about mages being more restricted - although they do get a +5 health boost over rogues still, and access to more varied items with heal abilities. I'm sure DQ3 will offer plenty of opportunity to see what they can do ;)

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