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Topic: Favourite Combos?

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  • Favourite Combos?

    Hi all,

    I thought it would be interesting for people to post their favourite combos here. Not only would it be an interesting read, it might also give other players ideas for their next run through.

    The following is one of my favourite combos - I used this in my second playthrough of LoS using a Rogue Shadowstalker:

    I was playing with '0' armour for reasons that become apparent:

    Opponent wins a round and hits me
    I use 'Steal' to take the opponent's armour value.
    I use 'Sideswipe' and 'Dominate' at the same time to inflict '6' damage on the opponent, ignoring armour.
    I use 'Heal' to repair the damage done to me

    A really nice defensive combo. As I have '0' armour, I back it up with 'Evasion' and 'Vanish' - but I rarely get hit anyway as I have a very high Speed.

    So the combo is - 'Steal' > 'Sideswipe' > 'Dominate' > 'Heal' (or a Potion of Healing).

    Great game by the way!

  • Re: Favourite Combos?

    I have a couple of favourites, used these mostly with my rogue.

    Reduce your opponent's speed dice with webbed or immobilise. Then follow with silver frost to freeze their one die. They have to use that one die in the next combat round.

    Use an attack like deep wound to get two damage die. Then use dominate or critical strike for the sixes. Use cruel twist for an extra die. Then add cunning (+3), and extra damage off each die from sear/acid or sure edge. I never had mangle but that would add +2 for each six result.


    Webbed/Immobilise > silver frost

    Deep wound > Critical strike/Dominate > Cruel Twist > Cunning > Sear/Acid/Sure edge

    I know I had some others but can't think right now. Abilities that trigger off doubles are good. Life spark and demon claws. Not really a combo but with trickster, decieve, and hooked you can make doubles more easily.

  • Re: Favourite Combos?

    This isn't a combo as such but I experimented with a cool Acolyte build focused around healing and damage healing. Leech + vampirism + life spark + near death + a couple of heals and the acolyte's bless = near invincible. You could also add reaper into the mix for more healing.

  • Re: Favourite Combos?

    My recent Necro character uncovered some really nice damage combos:

    Life Spark/Dark Claw (or Demon Claws)

    Rake (or Backdraft), Sear and Shades

    Overload, Sear and Shades


  • Re: Favourite Combos?

    I would love to read more about people's favourite combos and attack strings! I like one particularly passive one featuring demon claws in The Heart of Fire. If you roll a double 1 while equipped with spider grips, the claws trigger and do four damage to your opponent. Sure grip changes this to a double 6, which does another 4 damage. Then you activate slick and use the double 6 as your damage score, adding Brawn as normal.

    So it goes:

    Demon claws › sure grip › demon claws › slick.

    I also have a favourite from Winter’s Fury: Activating immobilise allows you to blind strike your opponent for 2d6 of damage before rolling the attack speed dice. Since this ignores armour you DEFINITELY do some damage to your opponent. This allows you to activate your choke hold combat ability, doing another 2d6 of damage. Then, if you win the round, you get to inflict damage as normal.

    Immobilise › Blind strike › choke hold.

    Tatties suggested:

    ‘Webbed/Immobilise › silver frost’

    I really like this one, and it never actually occurred to me before, so cheers for the heads up! My second playthrough of HoF had my Hero as a Rogue Thief, so I would add Backstab to that attack string!

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